Color Application Systems

Color Application Services

“ The impossible is our specialty, we achieve what you can imagine


We are pioneers in Mexico of color application systems that have led us to leadership.

All our brands are Trademarks ®

Color Deposit ®

 System that allows to apply color directly to the paper, with great consistency and quality. Recommended for long runs and irregular shapes.

Color Chip ®

   System that allows us to apply various special effects and finishes such as metallic, pearlescent, Textured, Fluorescent, Stucco and Wood among others; on different substrates to create chips color, fully controlling its luster and appearance.

Color Directo ®

   Color application system, special for short runs, which enables more efficient application times.

Color Spray ®

    Ideal for highly specialized jobs such as metal panels for OEMs and automotive alternating color.

Color Coating ®

    Ideal for long production runs, like Color Systems, Fandex and Take Home Chips.



“  We achieved any level of brightness, in any appearance, on all colors.

• Solid Colors

• Metallic Colors

• Hammered colors

• Textured and Estucos

• Fluorescent

• Effects for Cosmetics

• Woodstains

• Automotive: Metallic, pearlescent, Trilayers & Bilayers