We are leaders in color samples and tools.

Our philosophy

We create perfect color tools for each industry.

Our Markets

We are leaders in achieving textures, colors, and finishes as no one in the market.

We are committed to creating an excellent customer experience through ethically responsible business practices and punctuality on every project.

Creativity beyond limits in the world of color.

Our Services

Our solid infrastructure makes us global leaders in the industry.

We are a high tech company that continually strives to be innovative.

With our Global Alliance and local strategy, we are able to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We have specialized staff to meet the needs of our customers in Mexico, Latin America and around the world

Cutting edge technology to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.

Our Work





Welcome to Metamorfosis 

“  Creativity beyond limits in the world of color ”


Metamorfosis is the leader in the production of samples and color tools in Mexico. As a part of  The Duha Group, we have representation and operations around the world; exporting to more than 25 countries.

Our History

“35 years of experience, creativity, quality, and confidence behind us”

Our process and values make the difference in our service. We focus on achieving high quality, creative results by complying with ethics, punctuality, and commitment our projects.

Our philosophy

“ Evolve to meet the needs of all our clients ” 

Our philosophy has been essential in achieving our goals and providing the excellent service that characterizes us.

The Duha Group

“Connecting the World with Colour”

The Duha Group globally represents a group of companies dedicated to the design and production of color tools; companies that are committed to respond effectively to the market of paints and coatings.

We have achieved an amazing synergy that has allowed us to exchange ideas, success stories, evolving technologies, and strategies. By providing a better service at a global level, and always seeking the satisfaction of our clients – and the customers of our clients – we are in the forefront of our field.

Metamorfosis is the leading company of production samples and color tools in Mexico. As part of The Duha Group, we are able to have representation and operations around the world. Through this partnership, we represent Duha Group as the production center to provide service to all Latin America.


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